Kids Affirmation Cards

Positive Guidance & Affirmation cards for kids and teens.

All Australian Made and Owned

These 46 beautifully hand water painted positive guidance and Affirmation Kards are a powerful-self care tool for kids and teens, to help manage feelings of anxiety and low self esteem, whilst encouraging them to build an unwavering sense of self belief, inner strength, confidence, self love and self worth. They’ve got this!
Available in 4 Bright Coloured Boxes – Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink.

Suitable for 4 years to tweens, special needs & the whole family.

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Meet the creators

These cards were a super fun collaboration by Jacklyn James and Peta Watson who both have a passion for inspiring kids to build on more healthy food choices, positive and nurturing thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Collaboration and Coordination by Jacklyn James

Jacklyn James is the owner of Kiddies Food Kutter – The Original “Safety Knife”.  Promoting healthy eating for all children, whilst being safe.

Affirmations by Peta Watson

Peta Watson is a mum of two, Holistic Life Coach, Energy Healer and Founder of Pure Country Soul. She lives in Country Victoria with her hubby, two kids and two big fur babies. 

Coordinating this new project, with an inspiring friend Peta (who I have enjoyed mentoring in the past), has set a new focus and direction for me both professionally and personally.

Artwork by June Mylius – 88 years old

Interacting with my neighbour June Mylius to achieve the 46 beautiful hand painted water colour illustrations (kept us both occupied during COVID-19).  This will always be a memorable time for us both.

Our cards are proudly 100% Australian Made and Owned.

Choosing the team at Kosdown Printing in Port Melbourne (a proud third generation Family Business) completed the project. Supporting local is important!


How to use the cards

There are so many great ways to include affirmation cards into everyday!

Create a beautiful morning or night time ritual for both yourself and your child by shuffling the card and asking “what is my special message right now?”

Surround them and yourself with constant reminders as repetition and frequency is critical. We all know the power of repetition when building new habits. Some great ideas for ding this is:

We want the next generation to have an unwavering sense of self love and self worth

By encouraging our children to create their own inner self belief, self love and learn positive self talk, our children will develop healthy mental and emotional pathways.

These foundation will then carry though life; helping our children to discover their own self confidence, self love and self acceptance for the truly unique and precious souls that they are.

No one will ever influence your child’s life to the extent that their own thoughts will influence them. By teaching them a better way to talk to themselves, you’ll help themlive their lives with a feeling of empowerment, success, inner peace, self acceptance and happiness.

Affirmation card can help with:

  • Feelings of anxiety
    Anxiety is a common feeling for many children, particularly as they grapple with the new experiences of growing up. A set of kids’ affirmation cards can assist them with coping with these feelings more effectively. It’s important they feel safe and protected.
  • Developing resilience to bullying
    Unfortunately, bullying is something that most of us will experience at some point in our lives. By being equipped with tools to develop resilience, we can not only stand up for ourselves, but overcome bullies in the process. 
  • Accepting and forgiving mistakes
    We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Accordingly, we could all do with learning to forgive both others and ourselves a little more. 
  • Improving low self-esteem
    Though the causes behind low self-esteem are often complex, they can stem from a lack of positive reinforcement. Tools such as kids’ affirmation cards can be instrumental in helping provide this much-needed uplifting feedback.  
  • Creating positive self-talk
    The way we talk to ourselves about ourselves is hugely influential on the way we feel — and in turn, how we approach life. Developing positive self-talk is a key skill that all children should develop. “Everything is Awesome”
  • Increasing confidence
    Equip your kids with the ability to tackle new challenges fearlessly.
    “I trust my inner wisdom” or “I am brave and strong!”
  • Developing a growth mindset and positive belief systems
    A positive mindset can make a huge difference in how your child approaches the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that will inevitably occur throughout life. Being equipped to tackle challenges positively is essential for all sorts of areas of life. “I am confident and believe in myself”
  • Encouraging perseverance
    If at first, we don’t succeed — try, try again! I never give up on myself or my dreams. “I reach for the STARS!”
  • Friendship and kindness
    Making friends, learning kindness, compassion,and forgiveness, builds positive relationships and is an essential part of everyone’s life. The younger we learn to do this — and demonstrate kindness along the way — is critical. 

Purchase the 46 card set of hand water painted affirmation cards for your children  today and help them discover the joys and importance of self-care 

So, why not discover the power of self-belief and order a set of Kiddies Affirmation Kards today? Beautifully hand painted with watercolour by June Mylius at 88 years of age, and available in 4 brightly-coloured boxes — Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink — they’re the perfect addition to any children’s bedroom or lunchbox. Help your child learn more about who they really are today. 

In addition to our Kiddies Affirmation Kards, we also stock an extensive range of other child-friendly products. While you’re here, make sure you explore the complete collection. If you have any questions, just get in touch with our team — we’ll be more than happy to help.



46 Laminated, hand water painted, whimsically illustrated cards, matched carefully to each is a positive affirmation.

Self care

Make self care and self love a way of life, instilling this ritual in Children from a young age, creating daily rituals is a great start.

Fun & Family Friendly

Hand holding a nature affirmation card

Interactive for the whole family, opening and encouraging conversations and assisting to bond siblings. The bright boxes and laminated cards available in 4 colours means these are perfect to give as a gift.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

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Current difficulties in the international supply chain supports Kosdown’s strategic directive to actively privilege Australian manufacturing. For the last decade, Kosdown has sought ways to support local manufacturing. This takes many forms beyond the financial, including educating customers on Australian-made papers and substrates, partnering with paper house Spicers to commission the bulk production of FSC-certified Australian-made paper and board for several large projects, and working with local manufacturer Corex on a closed-loop corflute.

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Our Kiddies Affirmation Kards are designed to help children of all ages to process their feelings in a constructive way, build healthy self-esteem and learn self-care. Starting conversations between siblings, parents, friends and family.

We are firm believers that having positive self-esteem can increase overall confidence, and help encourage your children to tackle life in a positive manner. By learning positive self-talk and self-encouragement skills, they’ll be better equipped to handle the various challenges that life throws at them. Resilience is an excellent quality for anyone to have, and by helping instil it during childhood, they’ll be in a better position to carry it into adulthood.

No — Oracle cards, Tarot cards, and other similar items are used to divine the future, better understand your present circumstances, and put yourself in touch with some form of spirituality. They’re explicitly supernatural in their outlook, though people have lots of different feelings about their efficacy! 

By contrast, affirmation cards for kids are designed to reinforce their self-esteem, practice self-care and enable children to set positive goals for themselves. They’re a non-denominational, motivational tool that is designed to be used by any family — whether religious, spiritual or secular.

The Kiddies Affirmation Kards designed by us are made from durable cardboard, which is then laminated to enhance its longevity. They are certified Australian Made & Owned. They also come in a tough cardboard box for storage, which is available in four different colours — Red, Yellow, Blue and Pink.

Yes. Kiddies Affirmation Kards are designed to be used by children ranging from age 4 through to early teens — so it’s important that they are able to stand up to consistent wear and tear. They’re made of durable cardboard and laminated to ensure that they’ll last for many years to come.

The cards are laminated, so they’re water-resistant and can stand up to the occasional spill. We suggest wiping them off with a soft cloth if they’re caught in any drink-related accidents. However, we wouldn’t recommend immersing them directly in water; this may undermine the integrity of the lamination and cause damage to the cards themselves.