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‘Original’ Kiddies Food Kutter v Safety Food Kutter

The ‘Original’ Kiddies Food Kutter is the smaller of the two safety knives. It has a smaller blade and is great for children 2+ years.

The Safety Food Kutter has an overall larger blade, which is perfect for chopping and spreading.

Both our Original Kiddies Food Kutter and the NEW larger Safety Food Kutter have been designed in the same way, with safety in mind. These Safety Knives can be used by left or right handers. Although our kitchen tools are safe for little ones to use, Adults supervision is always recommended when using them.

Children can begin to learn to lay the dinner table and commence cutting their food and learning dinner table etiquette. The sawing action teaches fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, independence, and builds self-confidence.

These knives are also ideal for anyone with arthritis or those with a disability. Their non sharp blade means that it is safe for hands and skin.

Both Safety Knives use a gentle sawing action to slice through foods and can cut hard veggies like pumpkin & carrots, plus is great to cut meat & veggies on the dinner plate.

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