Got a question? We’ve got answers!

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about our Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler. If you’ve got another query that we haven’t covered here, please just contact us.

Q. Do you sell and post internationally?

A. due to the delays caused by covid we have stopped shipping internationally for the time being. We hope to begin this again in the new year.

Q. What is your shipping and delivery policy? 

A. We use Australia Post Red Satchel with tracking $9.00 within Australia or upgrade to Express Post Yellow Satchel for $13.00.

When lodged at the Post Office the tracking number is text to the Mobile number you provide at checkout.

NOTE:- We suggest that you choose the Express option to avoid disappointment.

Please double check your shipping address is correct as we can not be held responsible for un-delivered orders due to incorrect delivery details.

If your order has not arrived within 7-10 business days then please contact us via email:- immediately, please ensure you have checked the tracking & checked with neighbours and safe places it may of been left. The moment an item is marked as delivered, we consider the item has been delivered as required under Australian Consumer Law.

Please note once we have posted your order we have the same visibility on tracking as you do. We will not provide a refund for orders still in transit. If you place an order with us you accept these conditions.

We also offer cost-effective rates for shipping to the rest of the world (get more information about shipping costs here). We post our orders within 24 hours of receiving them, so you get your items as soon as possible!


Q. How do I use the Kiddies Food Kutter?

A. Hold the Kiddies Food Kutter safety knife in either your left or right hand. Place the vegetable on the chopping board and hold it in place firmly with the other hand. Then use a sawing action to cut the vegetable. Start the sawing action with soft fruit and vegetables like apple and zucchini to build up confidence and independence, then introduce carrots and harder vegetables. Watch our demonstration video here. Of course, adult supervision is still required.

Q. How do I use the Safety Food Peeler?

A. Hold the peeler in either your left or right hand. Place the vegetable on the chopping board and hold it in place firmly with the other hand. With the index finger on the moulded fingerprint, slide the peeler down the carrot or vegetable slowly, removing the outer skin. Only light pressure is required. The peel should come off in a long ribbon. If it doesn’t, simply change the angle of the peeler. Watch our demonstration video here. Of course, adult supervision is still required.

Q. Can I put the Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler in the dishwasher?

A. Absolutely! Both the Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler are dishwasher safe – just don’t use the hottest wash cycle.

Q. Where was the Kiddies Food Kutter invented, and where is it made?

A. The Kiddies Food Kutter was patented in the USA way back in 1979 under the company name Pumpkin Halloween Company! We have held the distribution rights worldwide since the year 2000 – so anything else you see out in the market is really just a copy of this original design. The Kiddies Food Kutter is Manufactured in Taiwan under patented moulds, to strict quality guidelines which are still governed by the original USA owners.

Q. Where was the Safety Food Peeler invented, and where is it made?

A. The Safety Food Peeler is 100% Australian owned and made. They are Manufactured right her in Melbourne, supporting our local workers. Read the full story about the Safety Food Peeler here.

Q. What ages are the Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler suitable for?

A. Of course, every child is different, and their skill and competencies differ. But as a guide, the Kiddies Food Kutter we suggest 2 years onwards, and the Safety Food Peeler is best for around 3 years onwards. As soon as they show an interest, it is great to encourage them.

Q. What is the Kiddies Food Kutter actually made of?

A. It is made up of a non-toxic, stainless steel blade with truly rounded teeth, tumbled in stone, ensuring no sharp edges. The child-size handle designed to fit your child’s’ hand is BPA Free sturdy plastic. The Kutter is dishwasher safe.

Q. Will the Kiddies Food Kutter cut all vegetables?

A. Yes, it will cut all vegetables, raw or cooked. The Kiddies Food Kutter was actually invented to carve pumpkins for Halloween Jack ‘O Lanterns! We knew if it was strong enough to cope with pumpkin it could cut everything!

Q. How does the Kiddies Food Kutter cut? Why doesn’t cut through skin, if it can cut pumpkin and steak?

A. It is able to do this by using a sawing action rather than relying on sharp teeth or blades, making it safe for your budding junior masterchefs to use when helping you in the kitchen, preparing lunch or dinner (or for them to use at the dinner table). It is a thicker blade not a thin sharp blade, so if the child slips, it will not slice their fingers.

Q. My elderly mother has arthritis, would these products assist her?

A. Yes, they certainly will, as little pressure is required with both the Kiddies Food Kutter & the Safety Food Peeler. My Mother (at 86 years of age) actually trialled the Safety Food Peeler it with us initially, when we were designing it and the cavity tool template was adjusted accordingly.

Q. Can my child that has Special Needs use the Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler safely?

A. Yes, 40% of our sales are specifically for this demographic. We supply Minda Inc, Yooralla, and various Disability Schools and Institutions on a regular basis Australia wide. They also assist carers.

Q. Can kids use the Kiddies Food Kutter on their dinner plate?

A. Yes, the Kiddies Food Kutter will cut through all cooked meat and vegetables on the dinner plate.

Q. Does the Kiddies Food Kutter go blunt? Will I have to sharpen it?

A. No, because it is not sharp in the first place!

Q. Does the Safety Food Peeler go blunt?

A. No, because it is bladeless. It is the only bladeless peeler in the world!

Q. My child doesn’t like to touch textures and is a fussy eater, would these products assist?

A. Yes, these products involve the child in the actual task whilst having fun, so they may be more inclined to touch and try the food they have been involved in preparing.

Q. How can I find what markets you will be at?

A. We regularly post on Facebook – follow us on @kfkutters on Facebook or @kiddiesfoodkutter on Instagram, and you’ll see our posts as to which markets we are at each week.

Q. Do you supply other market stall holders?

A. We independently attend all markets and events in person. If you’re interested in wholesaling our product in your online or bricks & mortar store, please submit a wholesale enquiry here.

Q. Do you supply cooking schools?

A. Yes, we have found that our products help take the stress from the teachers, and enables them to broaden the children’s skills. This results in a wider variety of competence, interest and independence. All children can learn at their own pace, no matter what their ability is.

Q. I have an online or bricks & mortar store and I’m interested in stocking your products.

A. We’d love to talk to you about becoming a stockist. Head over to our wholesale page to find out more information and send us an enquiry

Q. Do you sell to childcare centres, kindergartens, schools and cooking schools?

A. Yes, of course, we offer either wholesale or as a fundraising item (see our fundraising section here). Our aim is to get them into the hands of all children of all ages and abilities!

Q. Would you come to our School/Kindy to demonstrate?

A. Unfortunately, we can’t attend every school or kindy personally, so we have some great informative product demonstration videos (see the 2 on our website home page) that show our products in action. These videos are also great to show committee members if you’re interested in our products as a fundraising idea.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Currently, we accept credit card via PayPal, and direct deposit. If you wish to pay by direct deposit please contact us for details.

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. Please refer our terms and conditions here. Please know that your privacy is very important to us. For that reason, we will not give or sell your information to any third parties.