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The Safety Food Kutter and Kiddies Food Kutter Story

Hi, I’m Jackie the owner of the NEW Safety Food Kutter and Kiddies Food Kutter – “The Original” & Safety Food Peeler. 
All Australian Made & Owned

About our 23 year journey

All Australian Made & Owned. Safety Food Kutter – Perfect Design Means Perfectly SAFE. I am proud to announce the launch.

It was always the intention to be an all Australian Made & Owned Company with the Safety Food Peeler, Kiddies Food Kutter & NEW Safety Food Kutter, designed to foster children’s interest in getting involved in cooking. We’re all about promoting healthy eating for all children of all ages and abilities. 

The design for the NEW Safety Food Kutter was started with the drawings before COVID set in, was put on hold and has finally been completed in the last 12 months.

After 18 years of Markets & Events the continual request was for a larger design, for children with larger hands, for Special Needs of all ages and of course the Elderly to enable them to maintain their independence also.

This design is to meet the needs of larger hands, special needs in teenagers and adults, plus the elderly with perhaps failing eyesight, for Diabetics, Parkinson’s’ (those that may shake) and even Dementia.

The other innovation besides the larger handle is the wider, stainless steel blade, purposely designed to enable spreading.

Now the children from 2 years of age can start with the Kiddies Food Kutter – The Original, then graduate to the New Safety Food Kutter as they progress or get older.

In 2012 I also designed the Safety Food Peeler as there was not a safe Peeler on the Market but a constant request for one, and this has been a huge success (read more about this below).

I’m really passionate about getting all children involved in preparing fresh food and to succeed in cutting their own meals on a dinner plate independently. Parents can spend time eating NOT cutting. Dinnertime Etiquette. These are important Life Skills

My passion for healthy eating for kids really blossomed from a few areas, initially though cooking with Mum at home from a young age and enjoying it.

Kirsty O’Loughlin

I am a Mum of 2 boys living in Melbourne and love being a part of the Kiddies Food Kutter Team.

My passions in life are my family, sport and trying to make the most of every moment. Since having kids, I have been working with businesses that have products that target kids and families. And this is why I love the Kiddies Food Kutter Range.

I love being able to help market a product that other families will find love and want to have a piece of too.

The original and the best

Beware of imitations! Ensure you’re buying the ORIGINAL Kiddies Food Kutter. The name is on the handle.

Here’s a letter from Don Johanssen, the inventor of the Kiddies Food Kutter, giving us the exclusive rights to distribute the Original Kiddies Food Kutter in Australia (and internationally, outside of the US).

Can you believe Don came up with the Kiddies Food Kutter back in 1979?! This product has truly stood the test of time.

Any other kids’ safety knife on the market is just a copy of the original (and best) Kiddies Food Kutter – check for the Kiddies Food Kutter stamp on the knife handle to ensure its authenticity.

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The Safety Food Peeler story

After the ongoing success of the Kiddies Food Kutter,  and building the business from scratch (initially as a side hustle to my Corporate Accountant job!), I had so many requests of “Oh if only there was a Safe Peeler for children!”.

The seed was planted…..In 2013 I drew the original design and then started a 12-month journey – sourcing a Prototyping & Design Consultant and then a Plastic Manufacturer (KCS Engineering in Lilydale – one of the last plastic manufacturers in Victoria).

18In the meantime, I researched sourcing the product from China (which was 1/10 of the cost!), but I was intent on owning it, trademarking it and keep the manufacturing within Australia. I borrowed the funds from my closest friend and away we went. The first test batch of 500 peelers sold in less than a week, surprisingly mostly to adults!

So we widened the end of the handle and changed the branding to Safety Food Peeler (Instead of the original Kiddies Food Peeler). I sought accreditation from Australian Made and Owned corporation and had their logo placed on the peeler. Finally, the peeler was launched in August 2013. It is a quality product, great value for money, useful and most importantly safe. I like to say “perfect design meets perfectly safe”. Fast forward 4 years and we have produced and sold just over 180,000 Safety Food Peelers!


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