Here’s what our customers have been saying…

We’re so proud of our Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler – and we love that our customers love them too! Here are some of their reviews, testimonials and feedback on our 2 amazing products.

I have been a fan of this product for the last 6 years while using them in my teachings as an early childhood educator and the last two as a Kindergarten Teacher. I can not tell you how amazing it is to see a child who has never peeled a potato before have the opportunity to do so using the peeler and then cutting the potato with the knife and see their face light up as they achieve this milestone in their life and be able to contribute to creating and making a healthy meal of potato soup to share with their friends and teachers. This product helps to build a confident and capable child whose identity and wellbeing becomes stronger while building their hand and upper body strength, guiding their hand and eye coordination, being able to manipulate different foods building on their sensory capabilities and learning about health and nutrition as part of their learning journey.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Jacklyn in person and it was great to see someone so passionate about building a child’s ability in their life skills and supporting a child’s needs to learn and grow in a healthy and supportive environment. Truly inspiring!!!

Rachel Maplesden

My 6 & 3 year old daughters got a food cutter and they LOVE it!! Jaclyn took the time to show them how to use it! Now they are independently using their knives themselves every night at dinner!! Really glad we found you, will be recommending this product!!

Kate Sargent

My son was over the moon when he opened his package and I explained what it was. He had to use them right away – he had so much fun peeling and cutting his veggies. He was so proud of himself. Such a great thing for little kids!!

Casey Monck

Bought the Safety Food Kutters for my 2-year-old grandson & I think they’re wonderful. The items were shipped to him quickly & communication with Jackie was a delight. I highly recommend buying this product! Thanks, Jackie!

Sue Nash

Great product! We got some a couple of years ago from Tasmania Agfest and the lady is back again. This year selling the safety knives and New Safety Food Peelers. Check her out in craft tents this year.

Jess Marshall

Both the Kiddies Food Kutter as well as the Safety Food Peeler are 10/10 products. They are such amazing products to get the kids involved in cooking in the kitchen and the products are completely safe to use. 100% recommend!

Rachel, owner of Little Peeps Eats

Thank you so much for our awesome Safety Food Kutter! Master 4 was very excited to see a package in the mail! He immediately wanted to cut an orange for himself and his one-year-old brother, which he did successfully! He can not wait to help me prepare tea with his Safety Food Kutter and the Safety Peeler!

Lisa Cornforth

Both our Kutters & Peelers get a great work-out with our kindergarten children. They are a fantastic way to introduce children to cooking and preparing healthy meals in a safe and controlled way. Children gain that independence while exploring nutritious food. Thank you for producing effective and long-lasting products.

Stephanie Penning

I’ve just ordered a pink Kiddies Food Kutter for my 18-month-old daughter as she loves cooking with me. I can’t wait to try out this product. I’ve had siblings that have used this product before and love it! The owner Jackie of this product was quick to contact me about an inquiry I had. And “lovely” too. Can’t wait for them to come in the mail!

Molly Spunner

Such amazing service by this company. I made a mistake when ordering and it was fixed in a matter of minutes of me contacting them. Order was shipped the same day. Could not be happier. 100% recommend!

Shelly Coad

Service was excellent, they even extended a special they had on! They arrived super quick and the kids are loving them! Lucky we have a lot of carrots needing peeling and veges being cut!

Steph Van der Does

Brought my son one about 2 years ago and still in perfect condition. Ordered the mothers day special of buy one get two free very fast shipping, love them.

Sarah Pell

Very happy with our kiddies kutter and safety peeler. My boys are loving helping prepare meals and cut food for themselves. I cannot fault the fantastic customer service, thank you!

Mel McCaw

Our Kutters arrived within days and are absolutely awesome! ! So easy to use for my 2.5 year old! He is so happy now!  A great gift idea for new mums, will be ordering more, to use in my hampers !!

Barbara Uswari

Jackie was so lovely to communicate with! I had a problem with my order (my fault) and she was so understanding and went above to help me out! Amazing customer service.

Kimberley George

Fantastic product, we got to see the product in action at Wallan market and my kids got to use the kitchen tools and loved it! Great customer service and great kids demonstrations, these products are worth every cent!

Sarah Featherby

My two kids love their kiddies food Kutters. It’s the bit of independence they need at dinner time. Aged 3 and 10 (special needs).

Peta Hanney

My children absolutely love these knives and peelers. They love having their own special knives to use at dinner time. Thank you for great products!

Hope Saphron

Fantastic product love that my kids feel like they’re part of the family and can use a knife without me worrying that they’ll hurt themselves.

Emma Payne

Fantastic quick service! Very happy with the products!

Kate Ford

Excellent customer service! The product is brilliant. Fast post and hassle free.

Kristyn Meade

Both my kids love their kiddies kutters. Tonight my 4-year-old cut all the vegetables for our dinner, she was so proud. I love how easy they are to use and that you cannot cut yourself with them.

Erica Barlow

A great quality product and amazing service. Highly recommend Safety Food Peeler to not just kids but for everyone! Great for the elderly, those with a disability and even just for those like me who are accident prone! Jackie is always going above and beyond for customers and I love how she advertises the events that she is attending. This not only lets her customers know where she is; it promotes the event making it better for all involved. I have loved watching this business grow over the years and look forward to many more years of using Jackies’ products and also seeing her at events.

Amy Hasse

Hi, we use these knives all the time!! They are awesome!

Michelle – KinderChefs

As a grandparent, it is very important to me, to find both very safe, and positive learning experiences for my granddaughter. Since watching Junior Master Chief our 4-year-old granddaughter wants to help in the kitchen all the time. Now I can encourage her to do so much more, without concerns of cutting dangers. She used the red one last weekend, with great concentration and delight, at the independence it offered her.

Carly Leipnik

My little man cut eyes, a mouth & a nose out of the pumpkin with his KFK tonight lol!

Jess Powell

Hi, Jacklyn – these are my dinner time life-savers! I set the kids up with carrots and pumpkin to chop up for dinner. Allows me to prepare dinner in peace as they are happy & content chopping away. My 4-year-old also gets very excited at the thought that she is contributing to the cooking when we add in her chopped veggies to dinner! Thanks again from big fans – Zoe, Zac & Hollie

ZZ Tots

I first saw your product in Tasmania at the Food and Wine Show and was amazed by it. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to get back to your stand and buy it, but it was always on my mind. Now a year later, you were at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and I bought 4 knives for my godchildren and nephews (aged 3-6). I sent one to Germany to my nephew and gave 3 to the kids here in Melbourne. At first, the mothers were very sceptical and not sure if the kids would be able to cut themselves, but after my little presentation, I could convince them to let the kids have a go. It was the biggest success ever! Tjado (aged 3 and a half) LOVES it – and so does my sister. The other 3 kids are on their way to become a well-trained Junior Masterchef.

Maike Schroeder

Love these little knives… off to your website to purchase and pass your details on to my local kindergarten. Great product. Great for the little ones cutting up veggie-burgers and vegie-fingers.


We received our pink Kiddies Food Kutter in the mail yesterday and the little miss loved it so much that my mum bought 3 more today.


They are so awesome for kids, we even take them with us to restaurants so they feel so grown up cutting their own foods. And yes they have tried chopping themselves and they CAN’T!!


Fantastic product, amazing friendly lady, great concept! Love it!! My little one loves to help out in the kitchen – I’m so excited to give her these, and I’m especially excited about the peeler as I’ve never seen them anywhere else before! (That’s because this amazing local lady designed them herself!) Definitely grab a set for your children, and your friend’s kids too!

Jocelyn Jones