How to use our range of
Kids Safety Knives and Peelers

How to use the 'Original' Kiddies Food Kutter

  1. Hold the knife in either your left or your right hand. Hold the fruit or vegetable firmly in the other.

2. Use a gentle sawing action to cut. We recommend starting with softer foods like strawberries, then move onto harder foods like carrots.

The rounded stainless steel teeth on the ‘Original’ Kiddies Food Kutter Safety Knife won’t cut their skin, but can saw through all types of foods including carrots, apple and cooked meats 🍎🥕🥩

Suitable for children aged 2+ 

Parents spervision is always recommended.


We recommend having a damp tea towel under their chopping board to prevent slipping.


As the Safety Food Kutter has a wider blade it can also be used for spreading butter and other condiments.

How to use the new larger Safety Food Kutter

  1. Hold the knife in either your left or right hand. Hold the fruit or vegetable firmly with the other hand.

2. Use a gentle sawing action, utilising the full length of the stainless steel blade to cut.

Cuts even hard veggies like pumpkin & carrots, plus is great to cut meat & veggies on the dinner plate.

This safety knife is designed for all ages, including those with special needs, all children from 2+, teens, adults and the elderly

How to use the Safety Food Peeler

  1. Hold the Safety Food Peeler in either your left or your right hand. Placing your pointer finger (not thumb) on the fingerprint marking.

  2. Slide the peeler along the fruit or vegetable slowly. Only light pressure is required. The peel should come off in a long ribbon.
Now children of all ages can help prepare food with a Peeler that doesn’t use a blade! It is suitable for kids 3 years onwards, left or right-handers, the disabled, adult left-handers, the elderly with arthritis and dementia. Peels all the fruit & veggies a normal peeler can (except pumpkin). Also great on hard cheese!


Simply change the angle of the peeler to suit the fruit of vegetable

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If you’d like to include your kids in the kitchen fun while keeping a safe preparation space, choose the Kiddies Food Kutter. When browsing our range of products, you’ll also find other helpful kids’ utensils, including food peelers, scissors and multi-packs, for your convenience.

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