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Safe Scissors for Kids

Safety scissors designed for young kids!

Kids love getting the chance to cut up paper, cardboard and other crafty items. But it’s important to make sure that they have a pair of safe scissors in order to keep their little hands protected.

Designed to maximise enjoyment and minimise risk, they’re the perfect tool for any child aged 3 and up who’s looking to explore their creative side. Your child will love their chunky, easy-to-grip shape. And you’ll be thrilled with their ability to cut through paper and cardboard — but not delicate skin.

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Our Kiddies Safety Scissors are perfect for children that love arts and crafts. Whether they want to imitate parents, a caretaker, a teacher or simply explore for themselves, they’re an ideal tool for introducing kids to the potential of scissors.

The Kiddies Safety Scissors are suitable for all skill levels for children 3 years onwards, left and right-handed, and for kids with special needs or a disability. Not only do these safety scissors have a blunt nose and premium steel safety blades, but they have a nifty spring mechanism built into the handle to help young kids master the scissor-cutting action.

Available in a range of bright colours, your child will always be able to identify which pair of scissors is theirs with ease.

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In addition to our Kiddies Safety Scissors, we also stock an extensive range of other child-safe products. You’ll be able to easily introduce them to food prep or arts and crafts, thanks to our set of products. Additionally, you can reward their perseverance and encourage their self-esteem with a set of Kiddies Affirmation Kards.

We’re committed to providing a safer environment for kids, so why not explore our range of products right here on our site today? And if you’ve got any questions about our products or shipping, simply get in touch with our team — we’re here to help!


What are child-safe scissors?

As the name suggests, child-safe scissors are a set of children’s scissors that are designed to maximise safety. They feature easy-to-grip handles to avoid the chance of slipping and blades that are sharp enough to cut plastic but won’t be able to cut through skin. With a set of child-safe scissors, your child will have a great time learning to cut, play and create.

They’re a great way to assist children understand how to use scissors while helping keep them safe from the risk of injury. They can also be an excellent tool for children with mobility issues or special needs, enabling them to easily grasp the handles and avoid any potential injuries.

Are safety scissors safe?

Yes. Our Kiddies Safety Scissors are designed to minimise the chance of any accidents occurring, whether they’re being used as toddler’s scissors or by an older child that experiences issues with mobility. However, they should still be used under the supervision of a parent or caregiver.

Can a 2-year-old use safety scissors?

We don’t recommend that the Kiddies Safety Scissors be used by anyone under 3 years of age. Although they’re designed to minimise the risk of injury, it’s best to avoid the chance altogether.

When can a toddler use safety scissors?

Our Kiddies Safety Scissors are designed to be used by children aged 3 and up. However, we’d always suggest that you use your own discretion as a parent or caregiver before giving them a set to use. We’re well aware that children can develop at different rates and what’s appropriate for one 3-year old may not be appropriate for another.

We also recommend that you always supervise the child who’s using a pair of toddler scissors. This will help minimise the chance of any accidents and help ensure safety.

Where can I buy kid’s scissors?

You can find the Kiddies Safety Scissors right here on our online store! In fact, we’ve got a whole range of kid’s safety tools and utensils. They’re perfect for kids to follow along with their caregivers during all sorts of fun activities, while also keeping them safe. Why not explore our complete selection of products today and discover your next fun activity together?


Stainless steel and blunt tips mean they are safe for little fingers! Perfect for kids 3 years plus, including those with a disability.


Let your kids get creative and foster a love of arts, crafts and invention! Hours of safe fun for kids of all ages.


The clever spring mechanism in the handle aids the opening and closing movement, helping to teach kids the cutting action.
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