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Looking for a unique fundraising idea?

The New Safety Food Kutter, Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler are the perfect fundraising products for your Kindergarten, Playgroup, Child Care Centre, Toy Library, Garden or Kitchen Program, After School Care, Early Learning Centre, Cooking School or any other group.

PLUS all Australian Made & Owned

The perfect fundraising products - Made & Owned in Australia!

Did you know all our Products are certified Australian Made & Owned, and made in Melbourne?

Safety Food Kutter can make “Fundraising” for your Kinder, Preschool, Childcare, Garden Kitchen or Organisation, simple and profitable.

Our Safety Tools offer a point of difference being both unique and useful.

These creative and fun kids’ kitchen safety tools are a fantastic alternative to the usual chocolate, cakes or lolly fundraising options – and not to mention much healthier! Note: They are not a toy, they cut soft and hard fruit & vegetables, meat on the dinner plate too.

The Safety Food Kutter/Kiddies Food Kutter Fundraisers are:

And the best thing is, all you need to do is download your Fundraiser Starter Kit below and you can be on your way to running a successful Fundraiser in minutes! Just scroll to the bottom of the page, fill in the form and you’ll have everything you need in seconds! We’ll send you:

We have 2 easy Fundraising Options to choose from

Why choose our Safe Utensils, the Safety Food Kutter/Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler?

Easy to sell

The Safety Food Kutter, Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler are easy to sell, as both children and parents love them – they promote healthy eating, encourage kids to help in the kitchen and are the basis of fun and interactive activities for both parents and kids. You have fantastic products  to choose from in 8 bright colours.


They offer a great profit margin to the organisation as a fundraising item, as well as great value to the parents buying them. 

Easy to run

We know how challenging fundraising can be. You need to find a product that is attractive to parents but also provides a healthy margin for the organisation. And sometimes you put in a lot of effort for a very small return. After years of Fundraising, we have streamlined the process, it is so simple.

PLUS our products are Australian Made & Owned so you would be supporting local businesses.



What’s in it for you?

The Safety Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler was designed by Jackie the owner, and is all Australian Made and Owned. Support Local.

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