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Review: by Little Peeps Eats.

Rachel Cassidy is the founder of Little Peeps Eats, an awesome website that helps families take the stress out of mealtimes by providing healthy, kid-approved recipes, as well as fussy eating tips and tricks. Their website hosts a directory of nutritionists, resources and mealtime products to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips when it comes to feeding your family. She is a passionate food blogger and brand ambassador, but her most important job is being a mum!

Here’s what Rachel had to say about the Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler when her own kids tried them out!

Little Peeps reviews our safety products.

Written by Rachel Cassidy of Little Peeps Eats.

We were sent a Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Kutter for my little peeps to try.

Despite all the claims regarding their safety, I was still concerned about Orlando (2.5) cutting himself. Upon close inspection, thankfully this was not possible!

We started with the Safety Food Peeler and Orlando struggled with this a little when trying to peel cucumber and carrot. I think in 6 months he will have it mastered. Julian (4.5) was immediately peeling long veggie ribbons with ease.

We then tried the Safety Food Kutter. To use the knife you use a sawing technique, rather than push down like a traditional knife. Orlando had lots of fun trying but didn’t quite grasp it properly and needed some help. He had lots of fun trying though and whilst he doesn’t usually eat capsicum – apparently it tastes better if he has chopped it himself! Once again I think in 6 months time he’ll have mastered it.

Julian had no issue in cutting any of the veggies. After a minute of perfecting his technique, he was chopping veggies like a pro!

Would I recommend these products? Definitely! These are such fantastic tools to get the kids involved in the cooking process, which can really help get fussy eaters more interested in veggies. They are also dishwasher friendly which is a big tick for me!

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