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Cooking Accesories Set

Cooking Accesories Set

$52.00 Inc. GST

This 6 Piece Cooking Accessories Set has everything you need to get your little one involved in cooking and meal preparation as well as cutting their own dinner on the dinner plate. All of the products included in this set are perfect to help refine their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, independence, and builds self-confidence.

$64 value for just $52

The Cooking Accessories Set includes:

1 x Original Kiddies Food Kutter
1 x NEW Safety Food Kutter
1 x Safety Food Peeler
1 x Kiddies Safety Scissors
1 x Safety Avocado Kutter
1 x Garlic Press

The Original Kiddies Food Kutter is suitable for all skill levels for children 2 years onwards, left and right-handed, and for kids with special needs or a disability. This kids’ knife can be safely used to cut everything from soft fruit to hard vegetables. Mum and Dad can spend dinner time eating – not cutting! The Kiddies Food Kutter teaches and encourages children to learn dinner table etiquette.

The NEW Safety Food Kutter is the perfect knife they can graduate to as they get older. With a bigger handle and wider blade this Safety Knife is for everyone – littlies, tweens, adults, people with special needs, and the elderly. The wider blade means it can also be used for spreading as well as cutting!

Our Safety Food Peeler inspires creativity in the kitchen. With a safe-to-use bladeless design, your kids can join you while you’re cooking and can actually try and complete realistic tasks. All children enjoy mimicking what adults actually do. Perfect for kids 3 years and up.

These Kiddies Safety Scissors are totally unique! Not only do they have a blunt nose and premium steel safety blades, but they also have a nifty spring mechanism built into the handle to help young kids master the scissor-cutting action. Suitable for left and right-handers, including those with special needs or a disability.

The Safety Avocado Kutter is an all-in-one tool splits, pits and slices avocados. The plastic serrated blade easily cuts through avocado skin to split the fruit without being sharp to the touch.  The fan blade glides through the avocado to yield even slices.

The Garlic Press is a practical kitchen tool that requires little effort to use. The rounded handle design makes it quick and easy to press garlic or ginger, even for people with a weaker grip or small hands.

Kiddies Food Kutter Dimensions
Length of Knife 145mm
Length of Blade 70mm
Width of Blade 17mm
Thickness of Blade 1mm

Safety Food Kutter Dimensions
Length of Knife 180mm
Length of Blade 90mm
Width of Blade 20mm
Thickness of Blade 1mm

This pack is valued at $64 but you’ll pay ONLY $52

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