Kiddies Food Kutter Kitchen Safety Tools

Since introducing the New Safety Food Kutter to our range of Kids Safety Tools, we are continually asked “What is the difference between the ‘Original’ Kiddies Food Kutter and the ‘NEW’ overall larger Safety Food Kutter?” also, “Which one is best suited to my child?”

Setting your children up for success in the kitchen is partly about the safety and design of the products and partly about the parent’s confidence in the child being able to utilise them. So, to put the parents mind at ease, here is an overview of each of the products, how they are to be used, and some general guidelines.

Let’s start with the safety knives.

Both our Original Kiddies Food Kutter and the NEW larger Safety Food Kutter have been designed in the same way, with comfort and safety in mind. Both Safety Knives can be used by left or right handers, starting at 2 years of age when they begin to show interest. Like most kitchen tools, these are safe to use, and it’s recommended that they are still under adults’ supervision when using them.

‘Original’ – Kiddies Food Kutter

Did you know that the ‘Original’, Kiddies Food Kutter was uniquely designed in the USA in 1979 for carving Jack-O-Lanterns, to involve the whole family? The handle has been perfectly designed for small hands, making it suitable for children from 2 years and up.

The safe, ‘Stainless Steel’ design of the blade with rounded teeth & no sharp edges, enables the children to saw through food safely. The gentle sawing motion doesn’t require a huge amount of force, making it much safer for little hands than the traditional sharp chopping blades of most kitchen knives.

The ‘Original’, Kiddies Food Kutter is perfect for getting kids involved and interested in cooking and meal preparation. Children can begin to learn to lay the dinner table and commence cutting their food and learning dinner table etiquette. It teaches fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, independence, and builds self-confidence.

This kids’ knife can be safely used to cut everything from soft fruit to hard vegetables, cheese and even meat!

Click here to watch a video of just how easy it is, to use our ‘Original’ – Kiddies Food Kutter, Safety Knife.

New – Safety Food Kutter

Now children from 2 years of age can start with the smaller handled ‘Original’, Kiddies Food Kutter, then graduate to the ‘New’ Safety Food Kutter which is identical in design but has an overall larger blade and handle.

Suitable for all children, as they graduate with ability from the ‘Original”, Kiddies Food Kutter right through to tweens, those with a disability and the elderly. The wider blade of NEW Safety Food Kutter not only enables safe cutting, but also spreading as well.

Like the ‘Original’, Kiddies Food Kutter, this New Safety Knife also uses a sawing action to cut through food. Both Safety Knives can cut through hard veggies like pumpkin & carrots, plus is great to cut meat & veggies on the dinner plate.

Click here to watch a video of just how easy it is to use our NEW Safety Food Kutter

Differences between the New - Safety Food Kutter and the 'Original' - Kiddies Food Kutter

See from the image below the variations between the 2 x Safety Knives.

Safety Food Peeler

The Safety Food Peeler inspires healthy eating and creativity in the kitchen. It is suitable for children aged 3 and up or are a fantastic option for people with mobility issues like Parkinson’s and arthritis, special needs and the elderly who need extra support in the kitchen. 

The Safety Food Peeler features a BPA-free construction that is lightweight, but sturdy. The bladeless design protects skin and fingers so you can enjoy peace of mind as your child peels veggies in the kitchen.

To use, simply place your pointer finger on the moulded fingerprint and apply light pressure at an angle as you slide the peeler along the vegetable. If the peel doesn’t spiral off your fruit and vegetable, simply adjust the angle of the peeler and slide a little lighter for better results. It’s as easy as that.

With the exception of pumpkin, our safety peelers work to peel most fruits and vegetables. It will easily peel anything from carrots and potatoes to apples (without wax) and even hard cheeses. Ignite your child’s creativity in the kitchen and include them during meal prep with the Kiddies Safe Peeler.

Click here to see a video of just how easy it is to use our Safety Food Peeler

All of our Kid Safe Kitchen Tools, are available in 8 Bright colours. They also come in a range of multi packs and bundles. You can check our entire range out here.

We are so proud that these 3 products are all now manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia. Certified Australian Made and Owned.

Supporting Australian Business and creating work & jobs for Australians’ is a major factor that keeps me (Jackie James – The Owner) striving and evolving at 60 years of age. When products are made in Australia, there are significant economic benefits for the whole country. This is something we hope to continue doing for many years to come.

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