Safety Food Peeler

Australian Made and Owned

Our Safety Food Peeler inspires creativity in the kitchen. With a safe-to-use bladeless design, your kids can join you while you’re cooking and can actually try and complete realistic tasks. All children enjoy mimicking what adults actually do.

Encourage creativity

Turn make believe games of playing house into a reality with our safe peelers for kids. With their bladeless design, the Safety Food Peeler will introduce your child to learning independence, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in an easy and safe environment. Both you and your little one will be able to help each other in the kitchen rather than just having them lick the spoon after mixing the cake batter!

Extremely easy to use

Boasting an ergonomic design, our safety peelers are easy to hold and intuitive to use, so small hands don’t have to muster up the strength to peel a vegetable. In fact, the lighter the grip on our peelers, the better the results. Suitable for both left and right handers, special needs and the elderly.

Safety is our business

The safety of our products is of the utmost importance, which is why the Safety Food Peeler features a BPA-free construction that is lightweight, cleverly designed and sturdy. The bladeless design protects skin and fingers so you can enjoy peace of mind as you peel veggies in the kitchen.

Shop the Kiddies Food Kutter range today and ignite your child’s creativity in the kitchen and the crafts table. Whether you have a question about our peelers for kids, kitchen safety, delivery and anything in between, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Who is the Kiddies Safety Food Peeler suitable for?

Our safety peelers are suitable for children aged 3 and up. However, seeing that all children develop at their own pace, this may differ from child to child.

In addition to being perfect for kids, our bladeless food peelers are a fantastic option for people with mobility issues like Parkinson’s and arthritis, special needs customers and elderly customers who need extra support in the kitchen.

How do you use the Kiddies Safety Food Peeler?

Featuring an ergonomic, intuitive design, our safety peelers can be used by both left and right-handed children. Simply place your finger on the moulded fingerprint and apply light pressure at an angle as you slide the peeler down the vegetable. If the peel doesn’t spiral off your fruit and vegetable, simply adjust the angle of the peeler for better results. It’s as easy as that.

Will the Kiddies Safety Food Peeler work with all food?

With the exception of pumpkin, our safety peelers work to peel most fruits and vegetables. It will easily peel anything from carrots and potatoes to apples (without wax) and even hard cheeses. Ignite your child’s creativity in the kitchen and include them during meal prep with the Kiddies safe peeler.

How do you clean the Safety Food Peeler?

Australian Made & Owned, the Safety Food Peeler boasts a durable construction that is convenient and safe to wash by hand and in the dishwasher. To maintain the quality and condition of the safety peeler we recommend not using high heat during a dishwasher cycle and cleaning the peeler after each use to prevent bacteria contamination, or just a quick rinse under a running tap.

What products does the Kiddies Food Kutter range include?

The Kiddies Food Kutter range includes a range of utensils and tools to protect your hands. Safely involve your children in the kitchen and at the crafts table with the Kiddies Food Kutter, Safety Food Peeler, Kiddies Safety Scissors and Kiddies Affirmation Kards.

Available in a range of bright colours as well as single and multipacks, the Kiddies Food Kutter range makes a great gift for any child!

Where can I buy products from the Kiddies Food Kutter range?

The Safety Food Peeler and the complete Kiddies Food Kutter range is available for purchase on our online store. With affordable delivery, your kids will be cooking up a storm in no time.